The Divergent Series

Cliente: Eagle Pictures
Marchio: The Divergent Series
Azioni: Concept, formulation and creative adaptation of launch campaigns. Creation of a press campaign. Creation of a pop campaign (at themovies) with playbills and display. Creation of digital formats for web adv.

Entertainment is a market we know very well at MCI Brand Appeal having followed projects for  Atari, Disneyland Paris, Lego, Walt Disney Company.

FILM: a product with a thousand facets and a thousand targets.
For Eagles Pictures, which counts among the leader retailers in Italy for   Cinema and Home Entertainment, taking charge of the movie launch at the movie theaters, on DVD and Bluray.

The complex situation of the current movie market leads us to work strategically to make a movie a product in the round to be followed in every aspect: when you have to sell it, when you have to promote it and when it’s necessary to preserve it. We follow the movie both at the movie theater and at the release for home entertainment, managing this delicate passage in which the same product addresses different targets and always foresees very distant exploitation times.

Eagles Pictures counts in its catalogue thousands of titles. At MCI Brand Appeal we have created and we manage the company’s portal, in which all titles can be easily accessed through an enormous database.