Branding, hi-tech and production.

Cosmetics represent a very peculiar market, in which strategy, creativity and technology go hand in hand to attain the goal of creating always new products, which can satisfy tastes and needs of female and male consumers all over the world.

Innovation hub.

That’s the reason why MCI Brand Appeal is participating in the organization of an innovation hub where cosmetics producing companies as well as specialized retailers will get the opportunity to find, within the same context, a high technology plant producer, an end-product supplier, combined with MCI Brand Appeal’s strategic and creative approach.

360°  Project management.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, starting from information collection and shifting to an analysis step, a product development strategy is defined resulting from a brainstorming between 3 hub components.
Then we enter the Product Design stage, as well as the Brand & Packaging Design phase, moving up to the technical and production characteristic definition. Successively we manufacture and carry out prototypes. We elaborate an on and off-line launch communication plan, An 8-phase process whose output is a product delineated in its whole marketing mix, starting from our clients’goals.