Our agency has developed a specific know how within the INBOUND MARKETING domain to transform target addressees into clients/promoters   through digital channels, conveying and elaborating strategically tailored suitable contents.

At MCI Brand Appeal we have simplified this approach, coding a DIGITAL DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT (DDE system) created ad hoc for each company and each product,starting from dressing and filling in a synthetic document, the INBOUND STRATEGY

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Brand & Packaging Design

An effective packaging must increase the perceived value of the product it contains.

This is first, foremost and fundamental rule that we have applied for over 20 years when we are called to conceive a new visual identity for new packaging. Even in a digital world, packaging plays an essential to win the competition battle because it is the only communication tool seen by all your clients. A bad-structured packaging can destroy a winning idea.

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Web & Digital Projects

We live in an interconnected world and, for a company of any kind, it is crucial to manage such interconnections.

MCI Brand Appeal believes that in the end this is the winning approach: managing connections effectively. Either for a simple website or for a complex app, at our agency we follow every phase, from strategy to web design, from searching and purchasing and purchasing a web domain to technological implementation.

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Retail Design

The point of sale is the most important touchpoint within the customer journey.

Either in the case of a point of sale as a whole, a corner shop or a single display/exhibitor, the project has to be conceived and elaborated as a pillar of the company’s brand strategy. At MCI Brand Appeal 3 disciplines (marketing, creativity and architecture) blend under an identical leading direction to achieve the consumer’s shopping experience as best as possible.

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“TIME-TO-MARKET” is a more and more important variable within the operational strategy of a leader company.

That ‘s the reason why we at MCI Brand Appeal make available for our clients one of the most reliable preprint department’s know how and technology as well as a print unit for smaller scale productions. Moreover we manage a wide range of well-established external suppliers.

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Strategic Creativity

Strategy is what distinguishes good graphics from an effective communication plan.

At MCI Brand Appeal we know perfectly that the main asset of a communication agency is creativity but we are almost as certain that creativity only for creativity’s sake becomes fruitless. This is the reason why our graphic proposals are always accompanied by a solid strategic basis, because ”no wind is favorable if one does not know to which port one is sailing”. (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

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Within MCI Brand Appeal we have implemented a business unit specialized in the entertainment sector, to follow the company in every aspect.

We take charge of: marketing strategy definition,  inbound marketing & digital projects,  public relations & press office. On and off-line media planning,  communication & graphics.
We also have a specific know-how regarding the best way to obtain public financing by effect of the  “Franceschini” law for the movie, audiovisual and entertainment disciplines  .

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Cosmetics represent a very peculiar market, in which strategy, creativity and technology

Cosmetics represent a very peculiar market, in which strategy, creativity and technology go hand in hand to attain the goal of creating always new products, which can satisfy tastes and needs of female and male consumers all over the world.